Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's be the Change...

Let's bask in the moment, its energy, our enthusiasm.
Let's lift the safe, protective veil of cynicism and get excited. Really excited.
Let's celebrate thinking and consideration and thoughtfulness.
Let's respect the differences and resist the urge to label.
Let's rise to the challenge and excel. Elite means "being among the best" and that is good, not an insult.
Let's turn the expectations back on ourselves and work to fix what is broken.
Let's harness the desire to be a part of the solution and start to solve.
Let's read books and play basketball and try new restaurants and keep our friends close.
Let's party. Happy Inauguration, y'all!

This post was inspired by the Suzan-Lori Parks poem "All the Love for the President-Elect"'s an excerpt:
Oh, I just had to sing you a little something
Because you,
Mr. President,
You are embarking with Us on an awesome and beautiful
And potentially perilous journey
And so I am giving you
All the Love
All the Love
All the Love
All the Love
Mr. President
That I've got
Because I believe
In the dream
And I am ready
To wake up
And live it.


Jennifer said...

YAY!! His speech gave me goose bumps - I'm glad to have someone back in the White House that can speak thoughtfully and in full sentences :) (you know, among other things!!)..See you tonight!

Jen said...

Yes! We did it!

Mitzi Zohar said...

Congratulations on a great day!