Monday, November 09, 2009

Super-Late Link Love...

Gracious, this is woefully overdue. I sincerely apologize to everyone that has posted a link to GTTSB and hasn't received a shout-back yet. Hopefully I caught you on this list, but if I didn't, please let me know and I'll do another list in a week or so. There's a lot of good stuff out there, these days. A wide variety of themes, experiences and tones...which is kind of nice. I feel like one of the (sorta) Old Ladies of Blog (since 2006, Baby!) and it's been fun to watch this whole community grow.

In no particular order...
Yogini with a Twist Tina is doing slackline yoga, now! An strong, honest voice in the yoga blog world. Nice sequences, too.
Highs and Lows of a Suburban Yogini
Some reasoned thinking about yoga from Across the Pond. Rachel has a nice personal discussion of her practice, life and other non-yoga projects.
The Devil Wears Prana Michelle offers tidbits of yoga wisdom, interviews, food for thought sprinkled with lovely pictures of her practice.
Yoga for Cynics Dr. Jay has a sly way with a turn of phrase...not cynical, exactly, but not one to suffer fools gladly, either. Beautiful photos.
Yogic Muse Brooks Hall shares her observations on her practice and her own habits, with good suggestions for dealing with it all.
Kitty This eco-chick offers several blogs on makeup, household products, etc. so her's a link to her profile...browse for yourself for some great suggestions of brands to try, strategies to adopt.
Yoga in my School Donna offers a very comprehensive site on teaching to kids, how to approach poses, and more.
Yoga Spy A truthful, gimlet-eyed look at yoga and the yoga culture here in the US.
Yoga Demystified Bob is everywhere, these days. Check out his latest push for "Yobo" and "Ratra"--dude can brand yoga faster than a Kapalabhati exhale!
It's All Yoga, Baby Roseanne has a keen eye for yoga controversies and hypocrisies...the discussions are thrilling. Check out the massive back-and-forth that came after her posts about Addidas yoga.
elephant journal This online magazine out of Boulder, CO covers a lot of eco-topics, but the yoga articles are very interesting and also get a lot of feedback. It also solicits articles from readers, if you are a writer and want some exposure.
Petals Yoga An upbeat report from Portland, OR.
Random Thoughts Just what it says it is...but it's a nice selection of observations from an Indian in the US--especially on the "my yoga is better than your yoga" debate.
Yoga Dork A close look at yoga developments from NYC. Lately lots of giveaways, too.
Enlightenment Ward A breathtakingly comprehensive list of Buddhist sites out there. And a tad snarky, which is fun. I'm meaning to take more time with this site because of all the new stuff (and I was having trouble keeping up with the yoga blogosphere...).

[Oof, now I know why I get so far behind in these lists...they take a lot of time. I'm going to stick with this all week, so give me a couple of days to catch everyone and update my page.]


Yoga Spy said...

Simply, thank you.

I will find a way to sidebar your recommendation because, as a writer, I'm ever impressed by phrases that don't come along every day: "gimlet-eyed." Ya gotta love it!

In fact, I was so curious about this phrase that I looked it up in M-W:

Main Entry: gim·let–eyed
Pronunciation: \-ˈīd\
Function: adjective
Date: 1752
: sharp-sighted

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug!

Rachel said...

Thank you. I am super touched to be listed with other bloggers that I hold in such high regard. Although I wish there were more UK yoga bloggers :)

Love and oms

Kitty said...

Thanks for the shout out! xo kitty

Jamie said...

Thanks for the tips!! Always looking for more inspiration : )

roseanne said...

Thanks! And especially, thank you for your wonderfully insightful comments when you've jumped in the conversation. I always appreciate what you have to say!


Thank you--honored for sure.


Brooks Hall said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks for mentioning my blog.
Be well.

Bob Weisenberg said...

Thanks so much, Brenda.

This really is an exciting community of bloggers. I totally run out of time everyday just trying to keep up with all the great stuff. Recently I had to just stop for a few days so I could polish off my e-book.

Looking forward to checking out the several sites on your list I was not already familiar with. If they are of the same quality they will be very good indeed. I'm honored to be included in this company.

Bob Weisenberg