Sunday, September 27, 2009

The End of Overscheduling (yeah, right!)

It's always bittersweet when a job ends. You no longer see people, but you don't have to deal with the annoying ones anymore. You stop participating in certain activities, but you have time for others. It's a big disruption to the routine, but it's an opportunity to start something new.

I recently stepped away from a project that I was throwing myself into, but just couldn't keep up with, both energy- and emotion-wise. So I went against type and decided to quit rather than just keep limping along--it was time for a break. Guess what, the first night after that I had the best sleep in weeks. Hmmm.

All of a sudden I feel like I can focus, and the other projects that were only getting 30% attention (perhaps I should say, non-mommy attention), get boosted up to 50%. What's the point of over-extending, if everything gets short shrift...and I get tension headaches and can't sleep and am a real pill to live with.

The plate has been slightly cleared. Sitting there quietly to the side, was my dear friend Yoga, just waiting for me to get over this crazy urge to cure this country's bad eating habits and get back to business. So now I am thinking about the next chapter--a certification? a retreat? more writing? more blog?

Anyway, here's my challenge to you: take a look at your schedule and see if there's anything that can go. Surely there's something that is keeping you awake and could probably do without your brilliant contributions. Just think how much your other projects will thrive with that additional percentage point of attention. What's been quietly waiting for you to satisfy the urge?!?

Now I just have to finish the Yoga Journal article...


Jen said...

I recently gave up one of my hobbies - studying kung fu. Between the cost, commute, and time investment, I was beginning to feel stressed about something that ought to be fun. It was definitely time to stop spreading myself so thin. And now there's more time for yoga! :)

Kristin said...

I've been working very hard at saying "No, thank-you," to new projects or requests teach "one more" class.

For example, a co-worker went to a craft workshop this weekend and came back with a fabulous hand felting project. She offered to teach me and another gal the technique. And the Y was hoping I would pick up a 6:00am Monday class after that instructor left. In both cases, I politely deferred.

And as the temps continue to drop up here in N. MN, my gardening and yardwork will quietly slow down for another 6 months and I'll have a bit more time to just hang out in the evenings reading, writing, giving pups attention, watching a movie, etc, that I haven't been able to do since April.

Donna said...

Know exactly what you mean. I've been trying very hard to say 'no' to anything extra for months but still find myself spread thin. Something about 4 kids, work, house, yard, husband, community service, publisher deadlines, etc that makes for little me time. Unfortunately when it gets really bad I get sick and am forced into bed. Maybe I need to work on more balnce poses?