Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well, here it is, the day-after-labor-day and not only can we be grateful that white heels have to go back in the closet, but it's time to get excited about school. Or at least enjoy that new-beginnings/fall-semester energy that comes this time of year. My eldest headed off to kindergarten, anxious but proud. He's still not sure about the all-day, all-week aspect of school, but is keen on the idea of school-provided hot lunch (yuck) and jungle gyms at recess.

As much as I hate to see days shorten and temperatures cool, I say good riddance to this year's cold, wet summer in the Midwest.
All my tomatoes died from Blight last week and if that's how this season is going to reward all my hard work, I say, who needs it. Bring on the falling leaves and knitted garments!

The Y's classes start this week, so it's back to my regular teaching routine. I'm trying to incorporate more regular exercise this fall, too, to counteract stressful overscheduling and increase my stamina. Swimming is still a lovely workout, and I'm going to try to add some walking and perhaps a yoga class.

I have yet to find a local option that will work, but I'm going to branch out into the online world. I sampled a couple of classes at Yoga Download, that were quite acceptable, so I might give that a more regular go. Does anyone have other suggestions of podcasts of downloadable classes that they like?

This query is both for myself and for the next YJ article on creating an online yoga class. I'm fascinated by the internet as a teaching tool and how people have figured out how to exploit its potential in new and imaginative ways. The world gets smaller and smaller and, even though I really miss a hands-on, personal yoga class, I think there's some cool stuff to try out there...

So, whadaya think? Any thoughts on the matter? Secrets to share? I'm all ears, now that I don't have to schedule gardening into the mix (or making tomato sauce, for that matter...rats!).


Jenn said...

Yoga Today seems to be the favorite online classes among my teaching peers here in out little town. I have watched several of their episodes, have practiced with one, and did enjoy my experiences. The students I teach at a local college use Core Power Yoga online classes as a group once a week. I haven't watched them myself, but they seem to appeal to the 18-23 year old crowd.

I too would like to start utilizing more online class options. Other than attending other classes at the studio where I teach (which I'm not opposed to doing...but sometimes I find it hard to be focused on my practice in a class full of my own students!) my extensive DVD collection and online classes are my most practical options. The nice thing about online classes...you can always find new ones...for some reason those DVDs just play the same thing over and over again :)

Kaivalya said...

I enjoy the YogaDownload classes a lot. You can also find some good audio and video classes for purchase by 'big name' teachers on ihanuman.com.

And there's a whole world of free yoga classes and podcasts out there too. A couple of my favourites are hillarysyogapractice.wordpress.com and elsieyogakula.wordpress.com

Donna Freeman said...

YogaToday all the way for online yoga classes. They have a great variety, great instructors, inpsiring locales for their videos, frequent updates (once a week) plus short blog entries, and best of all its FREE! I use their videos once a week just to see what each session offers. Have yet to do one I didn't enjoy in some way (going on 3 months now).

Another great video series on YouTube is GetExercised. These are short weekly videos that focus on one body part or pose. Be sure to sign on with a sense of humor!

Heart Filled Yoga said...

In addition to those already mentioned, there is a new one - yogaglo.com. They charge $18 per month (cost of a class where I live) for unlimited use - first month a free sample. Lots of classes to choose from. I am waiting to see how often they add new ones... I do audio podcasts of my classes for free www.heartfilledyoga.com

LaGitane said...

Jason Crandell's podcasts from YogaJournal.com - they are like 'mini-classes', not really full class length, but excellent. On iTunes as well.

Hillary Rubin does full-class Anusara podcasts - do a search on iTunes for "Hillary's Yoga Podcast".

YogAmazing video podcasts by Chaz Rough are very cool but also quite short, 20 mins or so, but give you some nice targeted routines.

There are lots on iTunes that are free to download - just do a search and see what comes up! As someone who lives in a remote area, podcasts have definitely been a lifeline in my practice from time to time.

Miss S said...

Hi Brenda,
I share your sentiments, what a stress ball and a buzz kill this past summer was! I am embracing the change of seasons whole heartedly. I have not checked out any podcasts yet but I did get a recommendation of few years ago to checkout anasara podcasts. I was doing a workshop with Sienna Sherman at the time so I am sure they were referring to John Friends work. I have a hip opener video of his and find it quite good in the winter when things get a bit tight. Lately teachers and students alike have been telling me about namaste yoga on fit TV. I don’t get that channel but I did check it out on utube. I don’t think I saw enough of it to get a good idea of what it’s all about but I have been getting good feedback and it does seem gentle which is always reassuring to me. (I don’t like the sexy outfits they wear though. Who are they marketing this to?) Another one which seems popular and fun is Steve Ross’s Inhale yoga on Oxygen TV. Again I don’t think I get this channel but I did take a look on utube. Made me giggle, again I just saw a tiny clip but tt seemed a bit to vigorous for me although is attitude was great.

Kristin said...

I'm surprised you lost your tomatoes! I expected that to happen to me up here in Duluth but if temps continue to stay decent, I may get a few tomaotes this year. Shocking.

Another vote for YogaToday.

You didn't mention if you have an MP3 player. I've been using the YJ downloads. They are only a 1/2 hour long which seems to fit better in my schedule and have a nice variety. I just did an evening routine this past weekend.

A recommended CD's:
Shiva Rae's Yoga Sanctuary. It has a Solar Sequence and a Lunar Sequence, but the beauty of the CD is it is broken down into tracts (opening, hips, energizing, etc) so you can tailor the session to fit your needs and time for the day.

I know you practice in the Iyengar Style but David Swenson's Short form CD can be fun. He has a 15, 30, 45 minute session with a small optional guided meditaion at the end.

I have some DVDs but I don't care to use those at home - too long and too intense. We use them at our "Saturday Regular" session where we pop in a DVD and practice as a group.

I guess what I am saying is for my home practice I need and or prefer something shorter and more restorative than my usual Ashtanga/Vinyasa/Rocket series that I practice and teach.

Interesting topic. I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

Jen said...

Wow! I've learned a lot from the comments! Thanks. I've watched the YJ podcasts and also Hillary's yoga practice and enjoyed both. But to be honest, my computer room doesn't have space to practice and the laptop goes to work with my husband. But I like watching the podcasts and some dvds as "homework", giving me ideas of what to teach in class. I've found netflix to be great for dvds - I hate to buy them without a preview.

Barrett said...

Ok, shameless plug here!

I offer a 28-day online yoga course that helps you commit to a daily practice and also helps you develop a home practice.

You can read about it on my website: www.fivepointsyoga.com/Odyssey.html

Part of the program includes audio podcasts, and they're interesting and fun practices.

Good luck! Bummer about the tomatoes :( We hardly got any from our farm either.


Ivete said...

You can also try Padmani Yoga Podcast and Eoin Finn. Both have several practices on ITunes for free.

Brenda P. said...

Wow, guys, what a great bunch of suggestions. I had a great conversation with Barrett L. of the Yoga Odyssey today and was really inspired by her use of the internet to reach new students and encourage regular practice.

For those of us far from large yoga networks, this kind of connection is invaluable. I hope you all find some new sites to look at and I appreciate all the references!

Random Thoughts said...

They have soem free classes as well.

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