Friday, April 30, 2010

Achtung Baby

Setting: Kerbey Lane Cafe, Austin, TX, mid-1990s
2 young people eating lunch at a window seat and watching customers arrive...a white limo pulls up and a short, spiky-haired fellow gets out, wearing high-heeled cowboy boots and wrap-around glasses.
(snorts) Look at that guy, he thinks he's Bono!
(calmly) He's right.
(remembering U2 is in town) Hmph!

I was reminded of this scene from my past, while considering recent comments on my earlier post.

Seriously, if people are happy with their yoga classes and no one is being exploited or abused, is there really a problem? I certainly enjoy the discussion and crafting an argument can be a great mental exe
rcise but, at the end of the day, if some one thinks their brightest contribution to the practice of yoga is a pair of yoga shoes, maybe they're right. If shelling out for yoga pants can help assuage the fear of "camel toe" during class, maybe that's a good thing. Perhaps Led Zeppelin and 59 other sweaty bodies can be the path to inner peace (and a bargain, to boot).

The practice of yoga has been around for a long time and will survive any attempts at hybridization, branding, or re-imaging that the entrepreneurs can think up--whether I get mad about it or not. Come for the tight yoga bod, stay for the mental peace. Whatever.

So I'm going to try and stop caring (so much) about the trendy and get back-to-basics. Wanna join me? Bob Wei
senberg is hosting a book discussion group over on Elephant Journal; first text under consideration-Stephen Mitchell's translation of the Bhagavad Gita. As Bob says, this is one of the Big Three of yoga sources, along with the Sutras and Upanishads (I hope we'll read those, too). I'm looking forward to this; the combo of Bob's thoughtful discussion, comments from many of the usual suspects, emotional reactions, and intellectual exploration should make for a really lively and interesting mind-full. On Monday, we're starting with the Introduction (just 20 pages, there's plenty of time...).

Do come.


YogaGal in the NW said...

Nice mental shift! I'm with you...


Have a great weekend.

DownDoggin in MN said...

Hi Brenda, great post...time to get back to the basics. I'll be joining in on the book discussion too, I really can't wait. This will be the first time I'm reading the Bhagavad Gita, I loved the intro. What a great idea to mention it here so your readers can join us. See you over at the Elephant! I'll be logged in as Lisa K, have a wonderful weekend :)

YogaSavy said...

Back to basics is always the best path when all else fails!

La Gitane said...

Absolutely fabulous how gracefully you let go. I practically breathed a sigh of relief for you when I read this post, it was so tangible.

Peace starts from within. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm really looking forward to this discussion, and I agree with you. Yoga is a personal practice. If people want to do it while roller-blading, great. I will continue to share a vision of yoga that works for me but always encourage others to find their own voice. Thanks for the post!

roseanne said...

good for you, brenda! i love the bono anecdote. and if you ever feel the need for some snarky venting, you're always welcome at it's all yoga, baby. this BG discussion is going to be great, so good to get back to basics.

Emma said...

that's a great story.. :)