Friday, January 15, 2010

Aaahhh, much better

Well, that took forever. I finally updated my blog layout and links, something I've been meaning to do for months--nay, years--but never had a morning in which to do it. Friday opened up, and I really wanted to cross this off my long-term to-do list, so here it is. Cleaner, hopefully easier to read, and more 21st-century/second-decade. Bring it up to date, sister!

It was fun trying to think of an image for the header. What's the perfect picture to signify yoga? An ohm symbol? Something India-ish? Marigolds? Vrksasana (which seems to be the quintessential symbol of yoga in advertising)? How does one depict energy, calmness, strength, peace, vitality, longevity? I came up with water. Blood seemed good, too, but I wasn't sure a picture of that would be particularly soothing. (Thanks to my bro-in-law for his photo of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of England)

What's your perfect yoga image?


Rachel said...

I love the water image!

Jen said...

Nice facelift. And I like Common Sense Yoga! I sometimes refer to my classes as just plain yoga - no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

babs said...

Love the new layout. I think layouts are fun to tinker with (you may have noticed how much I mess around with mine). It is so fun to have my little slice of cyberspace!

I think the header photo is perfect. I like to think that we are all drops in a big wide ocean.

lz said...

Fabulous new layout! Love your picture of the water--so blissful and peaceful. I think my ideal image of yoga would be a candle against a background of pine needles and pinecones--the candle would symbolize fire and passion, while the pine needles symbolize nature and a connection to earth. :)

babs said...

PS--I just DEVOURED your linked articles. Thank you!

La Gitane said...

Love the new look!! It's so... clean and fresh!

The water image is beautiful - water is very Yogic for me. I love how the Ujayi breath sounds like waves washing up on a beach, the stillness and vastness of the water. Perfect choice.

:) I always use flower images connected to Yoga. I love the fleeting beauty of a beautiful blossom.

Bob Weisenberg said...

Must be something to it. Have you seen my very similar choice for the heading of my website?

It's also the cover of my eBook.

It goes along with this poem:

Coming to Terms with Infinite Joy

which ends with:

If you were a wave in the ocean

And someone asked you what you are

Would you answer

“I am a wave”

or would you answer

“I am the ocean”?

Love your new look.

Bob Weisenberg

roseanne said...

looks great! and i love having a link to your yoga journalism... will take some time to peruse your writing. i also love "common sense yoga" ~ you should trademark that... ;)

Brenda P. said...

Thanks, gang. How nerdly is this--sometimes I just go to my site to look at the layout. It's just such a relief to have the new template. Sort of like cleaning out the back closet, that you've been meaning to get to for years.

That chore is being saved for next week...

Anne-Marie said...

I too love the new layout. It makes everything very easy to read. I like the water header as well. My favourite place to practise Yoga is beside water, preferably the sea.