Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, apparently WiFi isn’t as ubiquitous on the islands as I thought. Then, upon return to the mainland, our modem died, so I have been offline for almost 3 weeks. Forever! However, it was a lovely trip with lots of beaching, gentle hikes (to accommodate the 3 yr-old and pregnant lady), haupia--coconut pudding--ice cream, mangos, flowering jacaranda trees, geckos, birdsong, eucalyptus and sunrises across the West Maui mountains (courtesy of said 3 yr-old’s wake up time of 5:30am, ug).

A couple of milestones were reached while I was away: this blog had its first anniversary (May 22) and I entered my third trimester. I’m thrilled by the first, because I wasn’t sure I had the discipline to keep up with weekly entries; I’m also excited by the contact I’ve had with fellow bloggers stretching from Milwaukee to South Africa! The second is a welcome achievement, but I had forgotten how lumpy and awkward this phase of pregnancy is. My yoga practice is starting to change significantly and I have to concentrate on not grunting when I get up off the floor (especially as I start teaching again this week).

In the past year, I’ve tried to keep my postings of general interest. However, in light of this year’s development, I thought I’d focus a bit more on yoga and pregnancy for the rest of the summer. With the last kid, I noticed that the modifications I needed to apply were actually useful for anyone with mobility issues and could even bring awareness to yogis without any limitations, just by changing the pose slightly. So, I hope you all find this information and change of perspective interesting…it’s good to be back on the blog!


Madame Purl said...

Hey welcome back and congratulations. I've missed you're postings.

Brenda Plakans said...

Hello Rose!
I missed you this spring and often wondered how the full-time job was treating you. Dan stopped coming too. I hope it's because he is back home with his family...

Drop in, if you get a chance!