Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Review of the Literature...

Next week begins a new session at the Y, so I thought I'd update all my links and sidebar information. There's a lot of stuff I've been looking at over the past few months, but hadn't got around to adding it to the blog. Blogger created a new template system, so it's extra easy to add links (if you are fishing around for a new format for your blog)--so I guess my procrastination has paid off.

Yoga Resources This is information and reference material. There's a link to the Stateline Family YMCA with my class listing. Nu-Source is the company I use for yoga props. Yoga Movement and Yoga Journal are good all-over resources; YM for seeking out different web sites and YJ for just about everything yoga-related, with lots of articles and descriptions of poses and practice sequences. Yoga Dancer is a comprehensive list--with pictures--of poses. And Yoga Font is a typeface designed by an Englishman that you can download to write sequences with.

Yoga Books These are books I use all the time when writing this blog and planning my classes. They have invaluable information about the physiology of the poses and ways to modify/intensify various asana.

Yoga Blogs This group of blogs/websites/podcasts are things I've come across on the internet that I think are worth a look. Alan Little has a blog similar to mine, in which he discusses poses and suggests sequences. Body and Breath and Hip Tranquil Chick are site that sell a lot of different yoga items, but have some interesting links. Everything Yoga has some good links, too. Moving Into Stillness is a huge discussion group that covers just about every yoga topic you can think of; the moderator, Suzanne DeForest does a nice job of keeping everything civil. Open Mind Open Body is a thougtful site by Kelly McGonigal, with some good suggestions for meditation, etc. Yoga Dawg and Cupcakes and Yoga are "lighter" sites; Dawg is downright irreverent (and hilarious), Cupcakes is personal and has some nice recepies for, you guessed it, cupcakes. Yoga Peeps is an interview show hosted by Lara Cestone and is downloadable to a MP3 player.

Give them all a look, and let me know what you think. I'll also welcome any suggestions for sites to add--I only have so much time for "research." Happy Surfing!


Yogadawg said...

Hi, I added a link to your blog on the YD Bling page. I wondered if you studied at Unity Woods since you were in DC. I studied briefly with John Schumacher but went over to the Dark Side (Ashtanga).

Anyway, all the best and thanks for the mention.

Brenda P. said...

Hey Dawg--
Thanks for the link. I actually studied with several of John's students, so I guess he's my yoga grandfather.

Love the blog, love the attitude. I'm all for lightening the tone a bit (despite the preference for Nerd yoga)!