Saturday, August 15, 2009

The B*tch is Back...

Oh look, my old (friend) work-related stress has returned.

Just when it seemed like I was getting enough sleep on a regular basis, here I am at 3:30am, stewing about this thing and another--or just thinking--for a couple of hours. Motherhood-related stress was aggravating, but at least I got to the end of the day tired enough to just conk out for 6 or 7 hrs.(then waking up could be blamed on a young'un).

I'm juggling four different projects, these days, plus some home renovations that will require painting, and I can't get my mind to settle. It's not that the projects are all that aggravating, it's just that I feel kind of stretched and unable to give each enough attention. Oh yeah, and the boys. So, I've been getting headaches (again) and now this sleep-thing. I tried to limit caffeine today *sobs* and didn't take a nap, so I'd be good and exhausted when bedtime rolled around.

I've done a bit of consulting, too. Roger Cole has a useful chapter in Tim McCall's Yoga As Medicine that I intend to implement tonite, if necessary. Kelly McGonigal also has a informative article on stress on YJ's site (she has been a good source for a couple of articles and is an editor of International Journal of Yoga Therapy).

So, I am well-armed for this evening. Hopefully, I won't need it, but we'll see. ZZZzzzzzz

Friday, August 07, 2009

Speaking of Fishing...

I'm working on a new set of pitches (article ideas) for Yoga Journal's My Yoga Mentor, newsletter for teachers. (If you teach, you might like to subscribe...there are often some useful ideas and suggestions. And it's free!) However, I'm feeling a bit idea-less. Any suggestions for something you've been wondering about and would like some one else to do the research on? Issues that ought to be addressed?

A couple of ideas I've had are teaching yoga to boys, and creating an online yoga class. But I'd like to have a few more possibilities. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Something Fishy is Going On...

I've always found fish tanks (stocked, of course) fascinating. Fish are so lovely, so graceful in the water with their fins waving in the current like streamers of silk. And the colors--bright orange and yellow, black and cobalt striped, iridescent green. So I've always thought I would like to have my own tankful to admire.

Well, I've got my chance. Eamonn brought a single goldfish home in a plastic baggie from the county fair on Friday and deposited it directly into my hands. This could be cool, I thought, or this could be an early lesson in death.

Since I never miss an opportunity to create more work for myself, I rushed over to the pet store to pick up a "Goldfish kit" to create a suitable, watery habitat for little "Hot Wheels." Meanwhile, the husb looked up "goldfish habitat" online and discovered that if we really wanted to take care of this newest member of the family, he'd need a much bigger tank, filter, etc etc.

Today Hot Wheels moved into 10x as much water as he had been swimming in, with geologically-appropriate gravel (my color-coordinated neon blue stuff was nixed) and 2 snails to keep him company. I suspect there are some more piscine friends in the future and I look forward to the naming process...

Apparently, watching fish has been proven to lower stress levels and blood pressure, so I'm thinking I have a new backdrop for my home yoga practice. If you've ever sat in front of a tank of jellyfish at an aquarium, you can certainly understand how watching our watery friends glide around would be calming. I'll have to do some research on appropriate tank mates, but, for now I have a new yoga buddy.

Ohm, Hot Wheels, Ohm.